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Sound system and stage lighting for your event.


Customized music and Master of  Ceremonies services for YOUR special day!


Multi Track recording of your show or event for use in post-event mix down to produce professional quality audio.


Video recording combined with Multi Track recording for use in producing high quality video/audio of your event.  Specializing in demo clips of your musical performance.


Live sound for your Solo or Duo performance with optional recording of your live show.

Serving Central & Southern New Hampshire:

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What We Can Do For You

Parties & Events

At RMK, we provide quality Sound, Lighting, and optional Recording/Mixing services for YOUR event. We’re big enough to offer professional-level services and small enough to deliver it to you at affordable prices.  Please get in touch for a free consultation. Tell us all about your event and what your vision is, and we can take it from there – doing everything we can to help you create the MAGIC, the MOMENTS, and the MEMORIES…

Party Ideas:

  • Add club quality sound and lights to your next party
  • Have a trusted party provide the sound, lights, and MCing for your wedding – from casual backyard affairs, to country club parties
  • Add club quality sound and lights to your next class reunion with a dance mix specific to your graduation time frame
  • Don’t risk the background music for your special event to the neighbor’s kid and their iPad
  • Integrate a special live performance – your performer, or ours – to make your event even more special

Performances & Concerts:

Sometimes you need a little help getting your show off the ground, and seasoned experience behind the mixing board can make all the difference. Also, imagine capturing the performance with multi-track recording and even video clips! (Solo and Duo acts are our primary focus and specialty.)

Performance Ideas:

  • Have an experienced pair of ears running your front-of-house sound
  • Capture your performance with Multi-Track recordings
  • Get a great mix of your Multi-Track audio recording – ready to post to your social media or website
  • Get Video clips of your performance ready to post to your social media or website

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About RMK Music Services

The Magic...

We are a small sound and lighting company that provides services for your party, casual wedding or live music event. Any live show, party or wedding becomes much more memorable when you add great lighting and great music. RMK supplies it all at a price that is affordable, and we can even add Karaoke !

The Moments...

Using professional lighting techniques and sound equipment, we enhance the energy and fun of your event. Lights that add color and motion to the music give your event a special festive flair. At RMK, lighting and sound work together to create a mood that helps people really have a great time at your party!

The Memories..!

We provide the atmosphere that helps you create the magic, the moments and the memories! You’ve put a lot of thought into your event and now you want your guests to relax and have fun. RMK can help you create an event that your guests will be talking about for months and months after the party is over!

“We hired RMK for our 30th high school reunion. John went above and beyond with a tailored music list from our high school days complete with movie sound clips from all the greats. The lights and sound were fantastic – from easy listening during dinner to night club rocking afterwards. Super professional and accommodating. Highly recommend!!!” – Client, NH

What Does RMK Mean?

So many people ask this question that we decided to tell the story.  RMK stands for “Record ME Karaoke.” When the company first began, the primary concept was to provide a karaoke show that stood out from the rest. An RMK show is not run like most other karaoke shows, but instead, it is run like a real rock show.

Most karaoke shows have someone standing on stage running the show from there which works okay, but that is not how a real rock show is run. A rock show is run by a sound engineer who is sitting out in front of the speakers so the mix can be adjusted as the show happens. At RMK, we mix the show the same way to keep it sounding great..!

The RMK concept also included lighting the stage like a rock band would. Combine that stage with the sound engineer sitting out front, and you have now framed the karaoke performer as a ‘lead singer’ in the ‘band.’  The final result?  A karaoke show put on the way a rock show looks and sounds, and that equals more fun for both your performers and your guests alike.

Record ME? …Yes!

So, what does the “Record” part have to do with this?  The truly unique aspect of our original offering was that we also offered people the option of getting a mixed recording of their performance if they wanted one (something far better than one of your friends might capture with their phone..!). So, when the sound gear for the show was put together, we added a way to multi-track record the performance. That gives us the ability to mix the tracks in our studio and produce high quality mp3 files of karaoke performances – just another one of the ‘memories’ we aim to help you make.

Our offerings have grown from that original vision, but those pieces are still a part of our total offering and can either be the foundation of your party or added to most of our programs.


Get In Touch Today To Schedule Your Event:

We’d love to speak to you about your event. Whether it’s a casual wedding or the background music for a family reunion, let us help you set the stage for your Magic, Moments, and Memories.

Please give us a call or send an email to get the conversation started.

Phone:  603-733-8833